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Napolean Furnaces 
NapoleanHigh Efficient Forced air Furnaces.  Add a 14 seer Heatpump or Ac to the mix to make a whole home comfort system.  Wood floors or dry homes add a humidifier and filter system to complete the system.
American Standard Toilets
Northstar Softeners
Bradford White Water
Electromate Plenum Heaters/Boilers
Delta Faucets 
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Our Products
We Guarantee satisfaction when we install our showcased products.  We also offer installation of any product that is available, but we highly recommend these brands.
​The AS Cadet 3 high rise elongated toilet is the toilet most recommended by Reich's Plumbing and Heating.  Sits higher flushes great updated internal flushing componnents.
Power vent, gravity vent electric 5-80 gallon water heaters.  In short you want hot water we can make that happen.
Also ask about our tankless options.
Add a plenum heater to your furnace to give yourself dualheating capabilities and freedom from everchanging gas prices.
Along with infloor tubing install a electromate boiler to make your floors warm no matter what the temperature is outside.
All faucets are going to eventually leak.  But with Delta faucets we can fix the leak in half the time and a quarter of the cost of other faucets.  Many colors and styles to choose from 
​Northstar water softeners use less salt than the average softener and recharge only when the demand is there, so no internal water wasting timers.  Electronic controls let you see water usage, remaining soft water, water flow rate and daily gallons used.